9.14 20:00

Blossom Official Radio


Hello listeners! The third installment of radio selections is officially out! It's said that childhood is the most carefree time in life, but as we grow older... Happy memories fade! The shadows of childhood are magnified! But what kind of shadows we encounter! Don't be afraid!

8.15 20:00

Blossom Official Radio


This time also by the dragon Batian and Moyuzi and everyone to spend a pleasant two hours together! Even the strongest warrior has a vulnerable side, this time the radio station would like to talk to you about the [emo moments] that you have experienced.

8.12 19:00

【Aimer】Singing with the audience

Singing with the audience after a long time

The new session is here babies, you can start to vote Oh ~ previously voted automatically counted as this session, the deadline for submissions for August 13th Oh ~

8.22 22:00

【Angelos】 New Clothes ~ Invitation from Dreamland

This broadcast will be ASMR

Magical Girl Angelos Channel Mutiny! Slumbering events are occurring in large numbers! Escape the piercing loneliness, the cold suffering, the heavy reality. Please relax, put on your headphones, and immerse yourself in a wonderful dream world together!